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The 'CINIOS' Name

Management team working together in a conference room
CINIOS was originally established in 2010.
The name CINIOS literally means 'Cinema of the Sun God' because it is derived from the two words:

-- A place to watch movies

 HELIOS -- The ancient Greek god of the sun

About Us, News & Management

About Us

CINIOS is headquartered in the western United States where the weather is always enticing us to play and entertain outside. Why not make it possible for people to enjoy watching their favorite TV shows, sporting events, and movies in the comfort of their own backyard without the worry of damage from Mother Nature? And raise backyard entertaining to a whole new level.

So forget the hassle of lugging your unprotected indoor TV outside for the big game and then hauling it back in when the party is over. Never miss the big play again because you were outside grilling burgers and the only TV was inside.

In 2012 we were the first brand to launch an outdoor television line of products that was focused solely on home backyard use, integrating several unique consumer features. And we were the first brand to use LED display panels exclusively to reduce power consumption.

Go ahead, get outside and watch TV while dining and entertaining or just watching the kids --- and don't worry about the weather, or your warranty.

In The News

    Report - Global Outdoor TV Market Growth 2020-2025 = 12.9% CAGR

    TWICE - May 2012 Article: Outdoor TVs Appealing to a Broader Audience


The founders of CINIOS are a team of experienced consumer electronics industry professionals in marketing, product development, and sales. We have a passion for bringing innovative and useful consumer products to market.

Our collective backgrounds include managing successful retail sales forces, product development, and consumer marketing teams at industry leading global consumer companies and a variety of startups.