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What is an Outdoor TV?

43 inch Cinios 4K outdoor TV with football sports on the screen

A CINIOS Outdoor TV integrates 3 key features:

1. High Performance 4K LED TV --
With all the bells & whistles of most indoor TVs such as 3 x HDMI inputs, HDR, stunning high performance LCD display, full array LED backlight, USB port for streaming media sticks, and much more.
And includes a one year limited warranty for outdoor use.

2. High Brightness Display to Out-Power the Bright Sunlight --
Even in the shade, outdoors is much brighter than inside a home requiring a more powerful backlight for the best viewing performance.

3. Complete Weatherproof System to Safeguard the TV From the Ravages of Mother Nature --
Complete, all-weather protection from rain, snow, UV sunlight, rust, dirt, humidity, corrosion, and cold & hot temperatures.

SCROLL DOWN for a detailed comparison between a CINIOS Backyard TV and an ordinary Indoor TV.
Ordinary Indoor TV vs. CINIOS Outdoor Backyard TV
Feature: Ordinary Indoor TV
Protected from Rain, Snow, Water Splashes, Sprinkler and Hose Spray (IP55 rated) Top Vents Allow Water Inside
Rustproof, Galvanized Housing + Conformal Coated Electronics Protects from Humidity, Dew, and Condensation  
Protected from Dust, Dirt, and Bugs  
Protected from Sunlight UV Radiation Plastic Fades & Degrades Over Time
Readable in Bright Sunlight 6x Brighter than Average Indoor TV  
Automatic Brightness Adjusts to Optimal Night/Day Performance  
Rated Up to 113F Temperature  
Rated Down to -4F Temperature  
Sealed Cable Connection Box - Protects Connectors  
Anti-Glare Display
Waterproof Remote Control  
Floating Remote - Can't Lose It in the Pool or Hot Tub  
AC Power Cord with GFI PRotection  
Warranty Includes Outdoor Use Warranty is Void If Used Outdoors
Variety of 4K TV Features & Stunning Picture Quality
Variety of Input Connections (HDMI, Component, Composite, USB)
Integrated Audio Speakers
Complements Outdoor Backyard Decor Textured Matte Black ColorShiny, Gloss Black Color